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Guest: Frank Rizzo
President, Stone Capital Investors, LLC
CEO/Broker, Cornerstone Reality Inc

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How Can Mobile Home Parks Transform Communities?

In this episode of the MHP Show podcast, host Derek Vickers and guest Frank Rizzo of Stone Capital Investors delve into the intricacies of investing in mobile home parks. They discuss the challenges and rewards of transforming distressed properties into affordable housing communities, emphasizing the importance of community engagement and maintaining high standards. They explore the operational strategies for managing parks remotely, the impact of road improvements, and the increasing interest in mobile home parks as an asset class due to housing affordability issues. The episode also touches on industry consolidation and the significance of local teams in managing properties effectively. Frank invites listeners to learn more through their educational platform. Tune in to learn more about… From Accidental Beginnings to Community Impact Building Bridges with Municipalities Zoning Challenges and Cultural Shifts The Joy of Paving Roads and the Rise of Mobile Home Parks Emotional Attachment and Industry Consolidation Managing Mobile Home Parks from a Distance Important Links and Mentions: Ty Thompson on LinkedIn:   / frank.rizz   


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The Average Mobile Home Park Tenant Who Owns Their Own Home Stays 17.5 Years

Once a Mobile Home Park is fully stabilized, it has the most predictable cash flow of any Real Estate asset class. The average Mobile Home Park tenant who owns their own home says 17.5 years, and some stay even longer. Many ma and pa legacy owners, especially second or third generation family members, don’t reinvest into their properties and the assets become mismanaged and neglected. These parks can be great value-add opportunities for professional Mobile Home Park operators. Frank Rizzo, President of Stone Capital Investors, specializes in the acquisition, management, and development of mobile home parks throughout America`s Southeast and Sunbelt states.



Mobile home parks (MHPs) provide affordable housing options for people looking to become homeowners and enter the real estate market.

Episode Summary:

Welcome to The Chris Voss Show, where Chris Voss interviews CEOs, authors, thought leaders, visionaries, and motivators. In this episode, Chris Voss speaks with Frank Rizzo, co-founder of Stone Capital Investors and an expert in the mobile home park (MHP) space. Frank shares his journey in real estate and explains why he decided to focus on mobile homes instead of single-family residences or multifamily properties. He discusses the affordability crisis in the housing market and how MHPs provide an entry point for people looking to become homeowners. Frank also introduces the MHP Exchange, a platform he created to provide information, news, and educational resources for those interested in the MHP space. The episode concludes with a discussion on the benefits of owning a manufactured home and the importance of building a sense of community within MHPs.

Key Takeaways:

Mobile home parks (MHPs) provide affordable housing options for people looking to become homeowners and enter the real estate market.
MHPs offer a sense of community and stability, with residents often staying in the same park for an average of 17.5 years.
Frank Rizzo and his team at Stone Capital Investors focus on acquiring and repositioning MHPs to improve the living conditions and overall experience for residents.
The MHP Exchange is a platform that provides news, educational resources, and listings for those interested in the MHP space.
The MHP Exchange features an AI agent called Chat MHP, which serves as a personal assistant to answer questions and provide information about mobile home parks.

Notable Quotes:

“We focus on the manufactured housing space, which is the most affordable of affordable housing stock, providing homes for people looking for entry-level homes and the American dream.” – Frank Rizzo
“When we walk into a community, we want to make it better. By improving the community, we create a better experience for our residents and stakeholders.” – Frank Rizzo
“Owning a home is the pathway to financial freedom. Manufactured homes are a great place to start building equity and creating wealth.” – Frank Rizzo



Frank Rizzo joins host Slocomb Reed on the Best Ever Show

In this episode, Frank discusses the biggest value-add opportunities in mobile home park investing and how owner/operators can cultivate long-term residents. With a focus on community-building rather than managing parks like a typical multifamily investment, Frank shares the strategies that helped him and his partner go full cycle on multiple deals.

Interview with Frank Rizzo, co-founder of Stone Capital Investors and the MHP Exchange Podcast.

Andrew Keel and Frank Rizzo explore Frank’s unique approach to business in the Mobile Home Park sector, known for its significant value-enhancing elements. Since starting down this path in 2013, Frank has excelled in the industry, transforming humble beginnings into thriving communities, fostering a robust organizational culture, and securing top-notch on-site managers. His venture into mobile home park investment has been a source of profound learning and invaluable insights, many of which he generously shares with his audience.

Unlocking the Wealth Potential: Inside America’s Mobile Home Park Revolution.

Join host Stacey Chillemi in a captivating conversation with industry expert Frank Rizzo as they explore the development of manufactured housing communities (a.k.a mobile home parks) across America’s Southeast and Sunbelt states. Discover how these communities foster a culture of homeownership and stability for residents while delivering exceptional returns on investment for savvy investors. Explore the secrets behind this lucrative real estate asset class and uncover the untapped wealth potential within this hidden gem.