Investing in Affordable Housing: Frank Rizzo Shares Strategies and Benefits on ‘Exit Strategies’ Radio Show with Corwyn Mellette

Frank Rizzo appeared on “Exit Strategies,” Radio Show with Corwyn Mellette. During this episode, Frank discusses the advantages of investing in recession resistant affordable housing, which includes aspects such as stable cash flows and low tenant turnover. During the conversation we discussed the importance of due diligence when selecting properties, understanding zoning regulations, and optimizing operational efficiency. Frank shares actionable tips on property management strategies, community engagement, and leveraging economies of scale for profitability.

“Corwyn and I had a great time discussing differing opportunities and vantage points on the market. Corwyn’s experience in real estate and his track record of service in the community is instrumental. Having the chance to discuss not just affordable housing but the overall market was an exciting opportunity for me.” – Frank Rizzo